Where’s my phone? – Mobile Advertising

phone obsesedNowadays, it occurs more often than not when in social settings, people pay closer attention to their cellphones than to one another. Our mobile phones are an indispensable part of our daily lives, to the point where people don’t feel whole without them. According to Daina Middleton, Global CEO of Performics, a search and performance media agency, “mobile phone users report that they consider the device to be so personal that they do not allow it to stray more than a foot away from their person 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A mobile device is more than just a communication tool.”

So what am I getting at? People love their smart phones, and there are big opportunities that should be capitalized on in mobile optimization and mobile marketing. As stated in Mobile Markter’s Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising, “where there is an identifiable audience, there is an identifiable advertising and marketing opportunity.” If your audience is on mobile, you should be too! There has been a shift towards mobile for branding, finding leads and building audiences and customer relations. The Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising elaborates on the role mobile advertising is taking in the industry, stating that “mobile advertising in 2013 will reach 7.19 billion, up 77% from 4.06 billion in 2012. The projection for 2014 is 11.14 billion, a 55% anticipated increase from the previous year.”


Reasons to use use mobile advertising:

  • Smart phones are the future and people have connections with their phones – capitalize on the opportunities because customers are on mobile
  • Mid-sized businesses can execute targeted campaigns
  • Higher engagement through mobile optimized websites and mobile applications
  • Geo-targeting is more reliable because of mobile features such as GPS, Wi-Fi and cell ID towers
  • It’s FREE to create mobile versions of websites and can’t hurt a business

Get started:

  1. Set objectives – decide what you want to go mobile with and what it will help you achieve
  2. Integrate – how can mobile be combined with your existing marketing efforts and how does it does it help your target market
  3. Segment – use location based ad networks to personalize messages, the distribution needs to be appropriate for your various segments
  4. Do It Yourself – many tools are offered in order for you to create and customize your own mobile optimizing, it also cuts costs
  5. Personalize – it is important to utilize the customer data that can be obtained in order to create customer loyalty. Allow customers to opt-in to option such as receiving special ad offers

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